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With Up To 90kgs Of Real Resistance.

Adjustable Resistance. Tailor Your Workout To Your Level.

100's Of Exercises Possible.

Travel Friendly, Compact And Portable.

You Can Now Bring Your Gym Anywhere.

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  • Strength Belt

    Made to last, the belt comes with 6x 100% latex resistance bands. This allows up to 90KG of resistance. Resistance levels can also be readjusted to 30KG and 60KG also. Comes with handles on either side for work-out versatility.

  • Detachable Steel Bar

    The detachable steel bar fits flush once attached and is made to endure even the harshest stresses. Can be disassembled into two pieces for ease of travel.

  • Resistance Bands & Foot Straps

    To offer even more versatility, we've included 4x resistance bands and foot-straps which can be attached to the bar to perform various other work outs such as deadlifts, bicep curls, military presses and many more. These bands yield 15KG of resistance each.

Did you know?

It has been scientifically proven that exercising outdoors has significant improvements in both mental and physical wellbeing. The same study also found participants were more likely to continue working out if the habits were formed outdoors.

Study Reference

Born out of the Melbourne lockdowns, Universal Bar is a Melbourne based fitness company that aims to arm Australians with lockdown-proof, portable and durable fitness gear without breaking the bank.